How Does A Collateralized Loan Work?

It is no secret that in today's economy it is very difficult to qualify for an affordable short-term loan. That is why Global Finance, Inc. strives to provide our clients with opportunities to capitalize on equity of the valuables that are already in their possession, without having to sell those valuables and thereby depriving our clients of the enjoyment and use of their items, or the appreciation in their items' value over time.

Whether your reason for a loan is a car repair or purchase, tuition fees, bills, or even meeting payroll expenses or financing a small business, Global Finance offers our clients a quick and easy solution to their immediate and often unexpected short-term financial needs. When you use an item for a collateralized loan, your valuable possession is still yours and it will be returned to you, free of charge, once you've repaid your loan.

At Global Finance, Inc. we do not check your credit score or financial history. Moreover, we will not engage in collection efforts if you do not repay your pawn loan and under NO circumstances would we report you to a credit agency.



1. Your Items Still Belong To You: Most people are emotionally attached to their jewelry or collectibles and   usually cannot bear the thought of parting with them permanently or for an extended period of time. Your valuables will always be returned to you as soon as you have repaid your loan.

2. Confidentiality: We offer complete confidentiality and privacy. Discretion is employed in every step of our process. We will NOT check your credit score or verify your current employment status, and we do NOT require proof of income or even personal references.

3. Non-Payment: in the event that you choose not to re-pay your loan (you needn't worry; we fully understand that this can happen), you can rest assured that we will NOT provide your personal information to collection agencies AND your credit score will NOT be affected. You will NOT be held accountable for any further payments at all. We will simply acquire title to your pawned item(s) in full satisfaction of your loan.

4. Honest Evaluations: We employ a team of highly skilled, appraisal specialists who have a qualified understanding of jewelry, gemstones, precious metals, art, collectibles and other artifacts. We also use the current leading market information data bases, standards, and best practices so that we can offer you the best possible appraisal value at the lowest possible interest rate.

5. Loan Terms: The length of your loan can be from 1 day to as long as you need it to be. We have no minimum or maximum loan periods. When necessary, we will work closely with you to provide extensions for your loan.

6. Interest Rates: Our interest rates are the most competitive in North Alabama.

7. Flexibility: The payment of your loan can be settled at almost any time by simply paying your principal balance, as well as any accrued interest charges. We can even accept loan payments over the phone by using your debit card.

8. No Hidden Fees: We always provide information that relates to the terms, conditions, and fees of your loan before you make any loan agreement with us. As our client, you can choose to accept or decline any of our loan offers with a full understanding of the loan costs before any commitment is made.



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 1) Your APR will range between 10% and 300% depending upon the value and type of your collateral.
2) Loans do not auto renew.
3) The client can come into the office and sign new paperwork to extend the loan.
4) There are no additional fees to extend the loan.


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